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Unique Cake Ingestion Threshold

This is a subject often skirted around by Cycling apps I find. Most apps include such irrelevances as speed heart beat power ratio Climb and distance etc, but what I really need to know is exactly how much cake I can ingest before it has a negative impact on my 'Olympian Performances' out there. Such an app needs also to break things down into the various types of cake, time of eating, portion size, ease of scoffing both on and off the bike. It must also have the ability to clearly indicate the full impact of increased belly circumferance on wind interferance as well as resistance. It would be usefull to have this new app feature linked with new strava King of Cake (KOC for short) 'segments' called slices.

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Great idea. I'll volunteer to gather the necessary data if someone will provide the cake :hungry:
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