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    East London
  2. Pete

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    This is one of the number of sites that are most emphatically, unarguably and unequivocally banned at work, and hardly surprising! However, at home, I now and again have a browse when I'm feeling bored with this forum with other sites... Some gems indeed! Tip: look up well-known politicians, past and present...
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    Have you been then?
  6. Mister Paul

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    Birmingham has 1 completely crap football team, and one which is even worse. Decide for yourselves which one is which. Both clubs are now long past their glory years in the 1870's and 1880's. These days Aston Villa never fill their away allocations and only sing songs such as "your support is ****ing shoot", the Villa fans being too thick to spot the irony here. Villa fans seem content with taking Manchester United, Chelsea and other big club's rejects on loan and claiming these as their "star players".

    The indiginent people of Birmingham are called Brummies, and speak with a heavy Irish accent. Brummies speak commonly and are very thick and are very short. Brummies come in many shapes and colours, from fat to thin, and from blue, to claret and red. The Brummie accent really does grate on ya, like nails down a chalkboard, avoid it at all costs.

    Unfortunately, the nature of Brummies mean that this ethnic diversity results in many holy wars, usually two a year alternating between the holy ground of the two opposing factions, being namely Small Heath and Aston.

    Infamous Brummies
    That woman on Ideal World who often sells hoovers
    'Halifax' Howard
    Lloyd '30 incher' Edwards
  7. Pete

    Pete Guest

    This is my fave....:sad::biggrin::biggrin: (check out the 'see also's).
  8. simonali

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