Unfortunate Spoonerism

I was talking to my youngest today about a fitted sheet, well, "fitted sheet" was what I meant to say.

All through breakfast he kept giggling and asking if I'd trodden in anything.

I hope I'm not the only one to have made a gaffe like this.


I was getting into kites a long time ago, and I found a 3-kite set up in the town where my in-laws lived.

My happiness turned to eternal grief when I got back to their place and announced to the world that I was now the "proud owner of a three tight c**t strain".


Europe Endless
I once heard a heckler referred to as a 'shining wit, with apologies to the Reverend Spooner.'
Clive Anderson, I think it was. Not the heckler, the heckled.
The first date my father ever took my mother on was to the pub The Fish & Duck. I'm told this came out all wrong when telling her parents where they were going that night. Strangely they still let her marry him, it went down hill from there really.


betty swollocks said:
What's a spoonerism?


Cooking fat has been uttered a few times round here recently.
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