Uninsured Moped......


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South Croydon
No helmets = an easy indentifier of trouble.
But unless they pull over when requested, the police will let them go as it is more often than not too dangerous to chase them.

jonny jeez

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GrasB said:
Is it me or did hit the limiter as he came to the end of 1st gear?
no he just pulled the clutch in too soon and over revved it between gears.

not a moped (unless this is some forum slang for motorised pedestrian)...looked like a 500cc or something similar to me.

Possibly a nicked bike..... both wearing gloves and hoods up to conceal identity. However as there were two of them there is a possibility they are off from a job (crime) of some sort and the old bill were activley seeking them in that area (hence the eagle eyes)
Nice camera catch. Hope they got them, I await the 'Road Wars' footage.
apparently stingers are looked on as lethal force when used against bikes and 3-wheelers, hence the old story of a Reliant Robin evading the police.


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jonny jeez said:
Really? But...I thought you said you lived in Manchester

Double Oi........:wahhey: 10 miles South of the Smoke. TBH the guys are likely to be local toe rags. Plenty about.

I said moped - it was a crappy bike anyway...
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