Unique Braking Technique

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Gavin Gilbert

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The Capital City
Seen on the Uxbridge Road this evening. A male on a shed of an old MTB. As I passed him I noticed he had no brakes fitted at all.

A few hundred yards down the road I was slowing to avoid unclipping at a red light and he zooms passed me, then lifts both feet off the pedals and proceeds to execute a 'backwards running motion' to brake :biggrin:

Must of missed slamming into the back of a Merc SLK by about 5cm :smile: Lights turn green and I pass him again. This time I notice his headset is secured with a jubilee clip :biggrin:


That's a great story. I bet he's got some interesting philosophies on life...

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
There are many bikes out here with no brakes and I've seen many ways used to stop them. They range from the obvious dragging the feet along the ground to the very dodgey practice of putting the sole of the shoe on the back of the front tyre. Usually they manage to stop without hitting anything!!!!!!!
All children start with the"Trainer" as the braking system.

Some of us advance to Shimano / Campag systems, others simply stay with "Clarks" or now "Nike".


Married to Night Train
Salford, UK
Yup, disconnected brakes and the 'plantar aspect of the posterior distal limb/road surface friction method' (sole of the foot on the floor) is common among yoof. On tryout roadshows, we sometimes had to explain to kids using our properly set up bikes that there is actually another way to stop a bike....


loved to have seen that

I've ridden once or twice with useless brakes, usually worn out or unhooked brakes

it's seriously not clever if you're going to do any sort of speed whatsoever
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