Unique brand-made replicas of vintage jerseys

What part most interests you?

  • Owning the digital rights

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  • The physical jersey

    Votes: 4 100.0%
  • Proof of authenticity/ownership

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  • VIP access to races

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  • Brand discounts

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Access to exclusive jersey lines

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  • Early access to jersey sales

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  • Private interaction with famous cyclists

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Hi all. Trying to gauge interest among cyclists for a new product line coming out soon.

One of the oldest cycling jersey companies in the world is going to be generating unique digital and physical replicas of 10 vintage jerseys worn by some of the most iconic cyclists in history. In buying this product, you would:
  • Own the digital rights to this jersey, enabling you to license the use of this jersey to gaming companies, apps like Zwift, cycling museums, and more.
  • Have proof of authenticity and ownership - Key if you ever choose to resell this physical/digital combo

  • Have the only brand-made physical replica of this vintage jersey in the world, which is made-to-measure for you

  • VIP access to cyclists races

  • Access to a private excursion with one of these famous cyclists

  • Brand discounts

  • Access to exclusive jersey lines

  • Early access to new general jersey lines

Would you be interested?


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Why only the digital rights and what's the limits of that piece?
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