Univega Alpina 5.1


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This is a little project I have been tinkering with this last week or so. I'm a big fan of Univega and have had an Alpina 500 from new, bought back 1996. I've still got a few changes I want to make but have given the machine a good service, upgraded the cantis to STX and put on some new tyres. Im thinking of upgrading the chainset to an STX component if I can find a crisp enough item.

The model dates from about 1994 and is in remarkably good nick. Ive always thought the Univega brand a little under appreciated and only had a firm fan base from those in the know. I've had a quick blast on this one and it feels sweet and light, just like my other Univega. Looking forward to getting some miles on it this year...

Hope you like it.








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Looking great. Bar ends are "interesting" Enjoy. :bicycle:
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You have my approval for that one. What it lacks in colour from purple anodised accessories, it makes up with the tyres. Pity you can't ride around with that terracotta pot all the time, it just brings the whole package together.

Capt. Robert

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I have a model very similar to yours - purchased in 1994. Mine is green and in exceellent shape. I have replaced tires and cables, and brake pads. Otherwise it runs great!
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