Upgrade from 20+ yr old ultegra to r7000 105!!


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I recently got this 2004 giant TCR composite 1 from my uncle, which had some clearly aged but very nice ultegra/DA parts (ultegra 6500). So I decided to almost all of the 105 group sets except for the crankset and bb. overall, this upgrade leaves me very satisfied. Shifting is noticeably more rapid and crisp. The best part of this upgrade for me was the brifters/shakes, the braking performance felt a whole lot snappier and much more strong- like hitting a brick wall vs a squishy sponge (referring to the old brifters/shakes). Additionally, the shifting cable is now integrated to run under the bar tape vs protruding to the middle area, resulting in a much cleaner cockpit. 9 speed to 11 on the mavic ksyrium sl!!


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