Upgrading Cycling Clothes


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I started cycling quite regularly in May at the start of the first lockdown. I've kept it going since the lockdown lifted and, despite the darker, colder mornings, still take my bike to work.

I'm thinking of getting some better clothing for my rides. I've got a decent jacket (Gore) and waterproof (DNB), but my baselayer does not give much warmth. My feet also get soaked in the shoes I've got. I've also got thermal gloves, but they don't seem to be very effective and I've resorted to wearing old ski gloves.

I'm looking for some advice as to what kit I should look for in terms of the baselayer for warmth and waterproof cycling shoes. A lot of my weekly commute is on tarmac, but I do sometimes take a woodland trail, which can be quite muddy. I also try to go for woodland trails at the weekend, so stuff that is more geared towards muddy biking would be ideal.

The choices are enormous and I really don't know where to start. I'm being asked about gift ideas for Christmas, but I hate asking for gifts from people and then finding out I've asked for the wrong thing, or that there was a better option and so the donor has wasted his or her money, so any advice would be gratefully received.


Wiggle vouchers make the best Christmas presents.

I've never bought into the need for specific baselayers. I've just layered up, using worn out jumpers etc.

The outer layer does need to be right. Close fitting, no gaps for wind to get in, long arms and long at the back. Windproof is best and a separate foldable rain jacket for when it rains.

Keep warm


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Merino baselayer
If using cycling shoes, overshoes or winter boots, if not waterproof hiking shoes or boots but but nothing will keep your feet completely dry in rain.
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