Upgrading Giant Defy 3

I've been riding my 2nd hand Giant Defy 3 for around 3 months now and notched up around 800 miles - very pleased all round though I have little to compare it to aside a 30 year old Claud Butler.

Anyway, doing more and more mileage (usually between 50-100 miles per ride) and looking for some further upgrades.

On Friday, due to my time constraints I'm paying the LBS to give her a service and replace the existing Alec DA22 rims with some Ritchey WCS Protocols. I also have some nice brand new Michelin Pro3s.

But, and I've been at this headspace before I'm thinking too about looking for a 2nd hand 105 groupset to go with the bike, well, okay, frame and new wheels. I've heard that the frame from this bike is a good one...so first question, is a 2nd hand groupset worth it? Some have said that a Tiagra would not be much of an upgrade to the Sora on the bike I have now, hence the decision to go for a 105? What do you all reckon?

2nd question - I spent £360 on the original bike (very new 2nd hand) , £175 on the wheels (one season only) and would want to spend around £250 max on the groupset so...what would you do? Am I just spending and upgrading when I could just put my money into a new bike or would this be a good thing to do? I know that no-one else can tell me what to do but I'd be interested in what others think given that I'm very happy with the Giant frame. It just seems logical to upgrade...

Thanks for any opinions on the matter...


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Sunny Wakefield
You've got to think what you'd be spending on the new bike. To upgrade a defy 3 you're really looking at the best part of a grand. You'll get a few quid back for the old bike (unless you decide you need a Winter Bike).

Have a look round at what you're wanting to buy and see how the pennies add up. Or mortgage the kids and buy some carbon!
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Thanks Shippers. I know that looking around there are undoubtedly some great deals for around the £800 mark but that's starting from scratch...I just figure that if I could get a decent groupset still in good working order for around the £250 mark then I've spent just under £800 for a reasonably good frame, good wheels and a groupset to match.

That's my current logic anyhow, and only because it's probably easier buying it all together rather than replacing parts as and when needed.
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