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I keep failing to upload photos. I'm following all the instructions from the top of the Photo Gallery thread and keep failing. What am I doing wrong? So far...

* I upload my photo to flickr
* press the button above that looks like the postcard
* cut and paste the url
* the 'IMG' bits appear either side as per instructions
* press 'preview post' and all that comes up is a red cross where the photo should go.

Any pearls of wisdom???


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Go to


and upload there, it's easy peasy


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Are you "Collecting" the right link?

The most common problem is the wrong file.

I think that it is the way that Flickr works with URLs that is the problem. The "IMG" command looks for an "Image" suffix such as ".JPG or similar and will not recognise a true website URL. THere is a choice of options in flickr. If you choose the HTML this would explain the red cross.


The above is the full url

As a "one off" try:

Select the image on Flickr, but instead of the normal process....

Right click on your image, and select "Copy image location"

Then when you select he (Image) button above the reply, paste this in.

If it works it is simply a case of repeating this in future.


The above here is the photo URL
A bronzy wonzy Dawes - nice!

Elmer Fudd

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I started having problems with flickr until I realised that I shouldn't copy and paste from the address bar, there are 2 links (1 for web hosting I think) and one for 'pasting' below your selected file. They seem to come up when you are looking only at the picture you want to copy, not your 'album' so to speak.


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Cathryn just use the Hotlink for forums code (scroll down the page to get it) Un tick the box above it to get rid of the carp then copy and paste the code in here: like this

If you want to re size the pic (down) first do so my ticking the re size options first...I use the 640 option.

...erm...those are two of my guitars...just the first pic I browsed to for an example:rolleyes:
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