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My rugby team won a cup at the weekend and some photos have been published online. I want to nominate the team for a 'team of the month' award in a rugby magazine and they asked for a photo to be submitted. The photo when you right click on it online and save to your desktop is very small (216kb). When I submitted it to the mag they said it was too small to be published. Has anyone got any idea if I can make this photo printable quality?


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You need to submit the original... which (I assume) belongs to someone else as the photo is not available to you at higher res. Contact the copyright holder/photo taker and see about them releasing it to the magazine - obviously they get their name against it as the shooter.

Can't upscale photos very well, I'm afraid.


I don't think you should submit it when you aren't the copyright holder. I'd be immensely unimpressed if anyone did that with one of my photos.
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