US Cops strike again


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If these faggot punk bitch cops are not shot dead in the next 48 hours, then armed patriots have dropped their dicks and abandoned Constitutional principles.


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lmao! how do u fit a pistol in your silk sandy panties???
madoo15c 1 hour ago FreeinTX
1 hour ago THIS is why the people should be ARMED!!!

It is our GOD GIVEN HUMAN RIGHT to have and bare our arms, and THIS is exactly why we have that right! No f-'in cop in his right mind would even THINK about pulling that kind of sh-t if everyone in that crowd was packin' heat!

What we ALL see in this clip is a MAJOR FELONY call AGGREVATED ASSAULT by a police officer. He should be FIRED, he and his department SUED into obblivion, and he should then be JAILED for up to 10 YEARS

The video is shocking but the comments are priceless!

The right to bare arms!!!!! A bit chilly but hey ho:biggrin:


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Sheeeesh.... That cop tried to kick some riders front wheel out by the looks of it. :angry: When someone (I presume the camera man) protested, and quite rightly, he's then arrested.

Sickening really.

Some of the comments on there are pretty daft too. Typical internet hardmen imo. Atleast the guy in the video had the balls to say something, I bet these internet commenters wouldnt have. I know I'd think twice.:biggrin:
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