US Elections

Yes, it is on too much at the moment, Yes they seem to be getting over excited about the whole thing and it is not the proper election yet.

BUT........... before we get too smug.....

Their President is sort-of our Prime Minister and Monarch rolled into one, but not a single one of us, the public, voted for either our present Prime Minister or Monarch!

That really annoys me :biggrin:

But look what they did after all the fuss last time they elected a President ;)


nothing in moderation
last time they elected al gore but still ended up with the clown prince of prize idiocy currently encumbent in the oval office.

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
I think that looking at the elaborate and costly campaings going on at the moment there has to something better to select a leader. Our system is an improvement but still far from perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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