US-sized washers in UK or spare Cantilever yoke?


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I've lost a washer off my brake system. It is used to clamp my main brake cable at the yoke on my cantilevers, so I prob can't do without it.

Unfortunately, this is a US designed bike and so uses a washer that I have worked out is a US size, it's 1/4" washer of the SAE standard.

I'm finding it really difficult to track down a washer in this size in the UK.
It's internal diameter is 7.14mm. The commonly available UK sizes are M6 which is around 6mm internal and M8 which is around 8mm internal.

Does anyone know where I can track one of these down? Perhaps I could get away with drilling, say, an M6 to a slightly larger size?

Alternatively, how hard would it be to track down a new cantilever yoke assembly?



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Almost all the old imperial bolt [and therefore washer] sizes are still available from engineering suppliers. You're problem will be in finding a small quantity [assuming you don't actually want 999 spares]. You have two options 1 - open out an M6 [a small file might be easier than a drill but you will need a small vice of some sort to hold the washer]. 2 - try your local model engineering shop [NOT toyshop] they will have dozens of sizes from metric to imperial to BA and one of them WILL fit.


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If all you need is a Canti yoke, they're dirt cheap and easily available.
PM me your address, I'm sure I've got a spare one.


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An engineers merchant will probably give you a couple of 1/4" washers.. check the thickness of the washer too as they are available in a few different patterns
US designed bike????
It's a Specialized (tricross), so designed in the USA and built in Taiwan I believe. Why is this surprising??
Well, because, unless it's something old and/or unusual it'll be Metric not Imperial. And built using Japanese parts. The fact that it was 'designed in the USA' isn't really relevent.

I was kinda hoping you had something rare and exotic.....
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