Utility, the new .. uh.. frivoulous?

After much chin scratching and in an effort to make the Africa Bike even more useful I ordered these today:

The rack will replace the shopping basket/ front rack arrangement which has a negative effect on the steering when it's loaded, transferring weight to the frame rather than the fork will simultaneously stable it up and allow for greater loads.

The top tube seat is for wee Rufus, his Burley trailer is a pain to thread through stationary traffic in the morning.

I'll let y'all know how we get on.
A mate of mine has a top tube seat to ferry his grandaughter around and it even has cool motorbike style footpegs that bolt onto the downtube, the rack looks very good to Mickle

Ahhh..I had one of those seats when my lad was small. Really nice way to travel - you can have proper conversations with them and they can see everything.
I miss that with the tandem,because missy's behind me and always looks the wrong way to see the deer/fox/adder/whatever.

Much better than a cumbersome trailer. Have fun Mickle!


Saw a couple of blokes on the pavement on the A650 in mOrley this afternoon. One of them looked very tall. Turned out he had a kid in a papoose-type arrangement on his back. Kid's head was sticking out above dad's
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