Valentine's day


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my wife gave me what for this morning


Not sure I've got this Valentine's day business quite right......I got 'er indoors two dozen red roses and she got me a can of Mr Muscle oven cleaner........She's gone to London today to see a show and I've cleaned the oven...... this can't be right can it?:unsure:

Grow a pair dude. All wrong!


I pushed the boat out with this one today...went down like a lead balloon. Who said 'it's the thought that counts'?

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Me and my good lady have just got back from the pub, where we had an excellent meal, before we went out we exchanged cards, for us Valentines day is the warm up, the real celebration is at the end of the month, our wedding anniversary.


Just about surviving
I cooked a moussaka and made a Greek salad tonight. She brought in melon and Parma ham and some individual lemon cheese cakes. We ate this together with a bottle of Aldi, Prosecco. The GF rates my cooking above most pub food and it works much cheaper than a restaurant. We can both have a drink without the need for dressing up and booking a taxi :becool:.

We also decided to miss cards this year.
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