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Hi there

I have a 2008 Specialized endure comp Sl
Here's a link to the bike

The bike is in excellent condition and is working perfectly.
Only visible damage is completely cosmetic, a few chips from riding but it wasn't used any where's to the extend that it was made for so cosmetic damage is minimal.
It isn't completely stock anymore as its seen some years.

The whole hydraulic braking system is only two years old and has been upgraded so that both rotors are 210mm (I think).
The front forks are also the Marzochi Bomber VF 66 180MM travel.

Other upgraders are small like new saddle and new handle grips.

What are your thoughts of what this bike is worth?


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Check out what similar bikes have sold for on eBay, although any used bike is only worth what a buyer is prepared to pay ultimately.
It’ll also depend on the country you are in of course


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Accra, Ghana
Hello and :welcome: to the forum.

Nothing similar to compare on eBay. Full sus mountain bikes tend to evolve quite fast and older specs may be considered ‘old hat’ by enthusiasts who like to keep up with current trends. It was an expensive bike in its day but being 13 years old you can expect a hefty depreciation. I’m only guesstimating but maybe £4/500.


There's lots of Enduro Comps in the sold items search on eBay (Enduro, not Endure, note if you're going to eBay it), though the frame does seem to have changed in the intervening 13 years. Just drawing a straight line through the ages and sold values gets you to a value of £468, which would seem high for a 13 y/o bike, but hey, it's 2021 so is probably about right provided you take decent photos to show what good nick it's in. ^_^
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