Van Nicholas Yukon 58 cm + AlphaQ CS25 fork

Discussion in 'For Sale and Auction' started by Sergeant Pluck, 13 Jul 2012.

  1. Sergeant Pluck

    Sergeant Pluck Well-Known Member

    For sale, 2007 Van Nicholas Yukon 58 cm with AlphaQ CS25, FSA headset included




    58 cm seat tube (centre of BB to top of seat tube)


    This bike has has a fairly easy life, by Audax bike standards, and is in excellent condition. There are no dings or significant marks or scratches. There is minor scuffing or flattening of the brushed finish (see photos) in some areas, e.g. to the left of the head tube, as shown, but these areas will all be covered again when the bike is built.
    All threads are good.

    True Temper Alpha Q CS 25 fork:
    Mint condition. This is an excellent US-made all-carbon fork with monocoque construction (carbon fibre extends from steerer straight down into fork legs). I chose this fork as it as has the same rake and axle-to-crown height as the original VN fork and I was keen to have a carbon steerer. VN didn’t do an all-carbon fork at that time .
    Mudguard eyes. I have taken a couple of photos to show the clearance with a Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX 25. Will take that tyre with SKS full guards. A 25 mm Michelin Krylion is a bit tighter but still works.


    Edited to add:
    One thing I ought to mention is that Alpha Q supply the fork with a very light alloy sleeve with a slight lip at the top. The fork is cut to size, and then the 100 mm sleeve is epoxied in. The star nut is pre-fitted into that alloy sleeve. Once epoxied in properly it’s a good solid job and I like it as a method of protecting the steerer.
    I cut the steerer at the specified maximum (see gallery) for that FSA headset. Reducing the steerer height is possible but more involved - will give details to buyer if needed but probably best to avoid low profile headsets and to stick to that traditional style to avoid inadvertently exposing more steerer than specified.
    Another point - and I emailed AlphaQ directly about this to confirm - is that the fork does not have an upper rider weight limit, as some forks do. Otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it.

    In excellent condition but some marking due to the strap on a tri-bag on the top tube.

  2. Scoosh

    Scoosh Velocouchiste Moderator

    To save me going through my records to find out all my measurements, could you be kind enough to tell me
    • how tall you are
    • your inseam length
    I'm 6' 3" with a shorter upper body than legs (described by Paul Hewitt as being "5ft 10in but with 6ft 3in legs !) and very tempted ... so am almost hoping it's the wrong size ! :wacko:
  3. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah

    Atop a Ti
    Damn, I would have had that off you no question if it was my size.
  4. OP
    Sergeant Pluck

    Sergeant Pluck Well-Known Member

    Hi Scoosh

    I’m slightly over 6’1”. I take a 34” leg in jeans. I don’t know my actual inseam and it’s a bit of an imprecise measurement in any case, at least when I do it!

    Here’s a pic of the bike as set up for me a few years ago. There is a moderate amount of seat post showing but plenty of scope for more if needed:

  5. Scoosh

    Scoosh Velocouchiste Moderator

    OK - time to
    • have a good look at my bike fitting measurements
    • have a good look at my (wife's :whistle:) bank balance
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