Varifocal glasses for cycling and everyday use?


Every 2 years it seems that my eyesight gets worse and I have to make yet another expensive spectacle purchase. Is there a pair of glasses or a company (Im probably thinking of Oakley here) where I can purchase varifocal/prescription lenses that will look ok on the bike and not too sporty for everyday wear?
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What you really need is a good optician. I don't mean Specsavers. Someone who will give you proper advice from their deep knowledge of glasses.
But as with everything in life it wont be cheap. You get what you pay for.


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Yes count on £250 or more for sportyish frames with varis. Get them photochromic so they're good for night riding too.


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I’ve tried cycling in my ordinary varifocals but can’t get on with it. My head moves to much and the focus of what I’m looking at keeps changing. Or I need to keep moving my head to awkward (for cycling) positions to look at anything. Perhaps this is just me?

As my distance vision is still acceptable for cycling, I like things like these:


They can be a bit of a fiddle at first, but once stuck into a pair of cycling glasses I find them very good.
But I do take my normal glasses with me, which is something you are perhaps trying to avoid.

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I ride in ordinary varifocals from Specsaver I find they are OK, I can't see the need for cycling glasses
not unless you want to look :becool:
When I had ops on both eyes to repair torn retinas the surgeon told me to wear cycling glasses as they provide more of a wind barrier. I suppose it doesn't have to be cycling specific glasses but could be any with a more wrap-around style.

I'd need more than cycling glasses to make me look cool.


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I have just got a new pair of Varifocals from specsavers with a second pair free, same quality of lens, I got a pair of sunglasses for the second pair they are OK on and of the bike, I have some photocromatic varifocals from Optilabs, but the Specsaveres are much better.
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I ride with regular photochromic varifocals without issue....
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