Various items, cheap frames, stems, naked photos, bars


God Almighty
ok naked photos...
One man's junk is another man's treasure so here we go

Postage and packaging is not included in these to offers on everything:

Felt aluminium drop bars - £10
- oversize clamp area (31.8)
- 44cm wide (the drops are a couple of mm wider as they splay out a tiny amount)
- marks are from bar tape (these will wash off) and from a little bit of stem scuffing.

Felt 2.1 alu stem - £10
-120mm long (needs double checking - could be 110mm)
-as seen here
- 4 different degrees it can be set to because of the adjustable shim providing +/-8 and +/-16 degrees of rise
- 1-1/8” bore
- 31.8mm clamp diameter
- minor surface rust on the inside of the bolt faces...shown in picture

24mm seatpost - £20 inc p&p
- steel
-270mm above minimum insertion
- being advertised on a couple of other bike forums

Blue apollo MTB frame - 99p :biggrin:, collection only
Take this off my hands please!

Steel purple rigid forks with cantilever brake bosses - 50p, collection only
-willing to negotiate price on this one

Steel Raleigh "made in england" drop bars - £3.50
- A little dirty but in great nic...I really should have cleaned these before posting up the picture. If anybody want's to see these cleaned then just ask. comes with the brake levers

custom quill stem - £2.50
came with above raleigh handlebars
Not sure of measurements of this but can check if required

Raleigh steel frame+forks - £5
-small...I think sized 52cm ctc but will confirm.
-bit battered but still seems in good nick
-horizontal dropouts (though one of these is pretty short leaving less room for adjustment)
-chainset attatched....Needs somebody a bit more willing than me to remove it. Basically the plastic cap on the cranks seems to have been hacked out but leaving some of the cap around the edges. This means that a crank puller won't fit in to remove the crank. I'm sure this plastic may be removed though. Anyway the chainset can just be merrily left on.
- photo shows the raleigh with 27 and 1/4 wheels as I was showing my brother how to remove and put on wheels etc...I believe these wheels are too big for it and the frame was designed for 700c, but I can confirm
- seatpost and saddle not included

27 1/4" wheels - £2
-slightly out of true
- rear spoke broken
- steel rims
- 5 speed
- shown on the photo with the raleigh frame

my project Reebok mtb - £15, collection
- small/medium
- has a cheap groupset that I scavenged, but this groupset was more or less unused (20 miles tops)
- NOT FINISHED .... and therefore not safe to ride. There are no brakes, cabelling has yet to be finished. Forks aren't setup quite right.
- Pretty much a BSO, if nobody shows interest then I shall finish it and make it into a pub bike

Buckled wheel with 8 speed cassette still on - £2
- you are more or less buying the cassette and hub here. I've never attempted to remove it.


God Almighty


God Almighty
some of these items advertised elsewhere (I've got the prices cheaper here and people here get 1st dibs if I receive interest at the same time - due to CC loyalty)


God Almighty
24mm seatpost sold pending payment
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