VDO C4 wired computer


Free-wheeling into oblivion...
VDO C4 wired cycle computer with the following functions :

  • current speed
  • trip counter
  • trip ride timer
  • ride timer bike 1
  • ride timer bike 2
  • total ride timer
  • average speed
  • maximum speed
  • forecast km/mi with countdown activated
  • remaining km/mi with countdown activated
  • manual stop watch
  • countdown timer
  • timer 1
  • timer 2
  • timer 1+2 (combined timers
  • suitable for interval training)
  • clock
  • Navigator  second
  • individually programmable
  • (counting upwards / backwards) trip counter for following trip maps (Moser Guide / Road Book)
  • total odometer
  • total odometer bike 1
  • total odometer bike 2
  • comparison of current and average speed
  • 2 wheel sizes (bikes) selectable
  • full text display in 7 (selectable) languages
  • Easy-Menu-Structure EMC
  • Service-Interval indicator
  • Auto Start/Stop
  • Sleep Mode (display shut-down)
  • stop watch indicator (flashes when stop watch is active)
  • beeper for Timing functions
  • programmable odometer
  • twist-Click mounting

Comes complete with all bits, including box and instructions PLUS an extra 1.5m mounting so that you can run the speedo off the rear wheel (for use on a turbo trainer). Even includes new cable ties.




In AS NEW condition. Totally reliable and easy to use, but I have a new Garmin Edge 500 so this is now surplus to requirements.

£20 delivered in the UK

(payment via paypal gift)


Free-wheeling into oblivion...
Price dropped to £15 delivered.

Paypal gift only.
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