Vector 3 pairing issue with Elemnt roam


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Hi, if anyone has had this issue any advice appreciated.

Have a pair of vector 3 garmin pedals, arrived last week (ebay) good condition, connected perfectly to garmin connect app, then wahoo app and elemnt roam. Did a ride last week, power was perfect, then yesterday and today the wahoo isnt finding the right pedal but is is the left one. I can connect them ok to the connect app but again same problem on the actual wahoo head unti.

help please!!!

Mark pallister

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Both batteries ok ?


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Any issues like this (had a few with Garmin Varia on Bolt) i found it best to delete the device, do a reset on the Wahoo and then repair. I had a bout of this happening quite a lot in the Summer and after some FW updates it went away and has been good since ;)


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If it is the right pedal that is dropping out it could be the battery door problem. Check the Garmin forums for the Vector 3, there is a post that shows the ‘new’ battery doors that Garmin have been sending out to owners.
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