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dont know if this is where u put this or even if u r allowed but thought these guys r worth a mention ,
i recently bought a spez tricross sport from a bike shop in glasgow (other side of the counrty from me ) as it was nearest i could get the bike when i wanted it in oct . since then i,ve put 1200 miles on it and i know i should have but i never took it back in for its 1 month service due to me being lazy , and christmas time and then the snow etc .
anyway last week the bike started to develop a wee noise from the front end which managed to ( well thought i did ) pinpoint to cuming from the headset area ( bare in mine i know nothing about mechanics of modern bikes and im completley haphanded anyway )
i used this LBS in the past for some clothing etc and i liked the "feel " of the shop whenever i went in and noticed how they treated other custemers with there bikes whenever i was in the shop ,
anyway i called them and arranged to take the bike over the nxt morning , i arrived and the guy had a quick look and said he thought the headset was a wee bit loose so he gave it a quick tweek up and then said he would take it out a wee spin , he was away a good 10 min and came back and said he thought all was ok now , and suggested i take a wee run on it just to double check . all was ok with the bike and no noise ,
i went back in and thanked him and asked how much it would cost , he told me dont worry about it free of charge ,
i thought that was very kind of him and how unsual in this day and age
so i hope u dont mine me giving the shop a wee mention here
thanx guys i,ll certainly be back .
the shop was
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