Very OT: recommend a birthday present please!


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...for my walking/climbing/skiing pal, who is a 52 year old Yorkshireman. He is getting interested in cycling, drinks beer, likes jazz (Coltrane etc) rock and photgraphy.

Over the years I've given all the walking books, CDs, tokens, bottles and everything else. Now I'm completely stuck for ideas. Any outstanding jazz CDs just launched, which he might enjoy?


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South Beds.
Why not buy something completely different...not associated with his hobbies and about a piece of 'Objet D'art'? Some people like different things. ;-)


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Thanks for the suggestions.... I love Andy Goldsworthy's stuff but fear my pal might view it as a waste of time - he is a bit of a philistine! Vouchers... hmmmm... jazz mag - good idea but his flat is already full of piles of unread climbing mags. Photography - he's yet to go digital. Hey... how about a pocket digital camera for those walking trips?

*sound of brain ticking*
Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks. If he's not into them already, he'll love you forever.
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