Victoria Pendleton.

That really is excellent news. Thanks for the link, Paulus.

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
It's good to see cycling getting recognised and as for Victoria it's even better to see her name at the top. She comes over as a very pleasant person as well as a brilliant cyclist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've looked at a few national newspapers roundups of 2007 sports news and cycling has been completely absent, despite the astounding performances in Majorca. It's as if Matthew Parris had written them.


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Bromley, Kent
Onetime said:
At least in your country hard work gets rewarded. Welldone to her.

I take it from your sgin on thats your only post:biggrin:


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I take it from your reply that you can't spell and that your grammar is somewhat dodgy?
This is my first post also.
Am I to be subjected to your inane comments as well?
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