Video: you should have seen the bird following me today...


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Nice one!

(But what a chicken - it flew over the bridge!)


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That's what I like to see on my commute: A nice fast bird with long legs.

Me, I only came across a group of dosey waddling bints half asleep just sitting there in the tow path expecting me to go round them.

Mallards, or course.

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Is that bit of the canal on the way into Birmingham city centre - as you carry on you arrive at the mailbox?

If so I have done the same route and seen the same herons - there are loads of them on the canal system in Birmingham aren't there?

They always wait until the last moment to fly away too and give you a good view!


johnr said:

I get shown up by a local owl quite often... I thought it was nice of her to wait for you to catch up.

I hit an owl once at about 35 mph on a steady downhill. I saw it on the fence post from about 400 metres then as I passed it Kamikazied me. Unfortunately for the owl it came off a lot worse.


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All i ever see are pidgeons, and they normally try to have me off the bike by flying towards me, normally when im going downhill at speed.

Has anyone ever hit a bird? In the avian sence


A friend of mine one hit an owl with a bicycle

.... that was being transported on top of his car. He didn't realise that he'd hit it until he went to get the bike down and found the very dead owl all over it...


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RyanW said:
Has anyone ever hit a bird? In the avian sence

I have come very very close to being taken out by a pheasant on more than one ocassion in the same place on my route.

I am sure the bloody thing waits for me ....
Nice capture, well filmed. In my experience, herons, for all their size, are fairly shy birds and don't normally allow humans to get too close: this one seems to have settled on the bank and allowed you to almost get to it: it must be used to humans going along the towpath!

Having said that, I was 'buzzed' by a heron only today which swooped low over me as I was cycling. Perhaps it had plans to make a fish supper of me? :smile: But it flew off.:biggrin::biggrin:

As for peasants pheasants, well I too have trouble with them flying low across my front wheel. PITA's.
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