Viking Downtown 2010 - 19", 3 Speed. £110

Ivan Ardon

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Better than new, I'm selling my 300 mile old Viking Downtown. It's the three speed model, with the SA AW hub.

I bought the bike in April so I could have a go at commuting to work with a hub gear. Work's running the CTW scheme again this year so, and as I've enjoyed riding it, that means I can upgrade to something with more gears so I can use it for other things as well as commuting ('Tis those Devon hills round yer, y'see).

Anyway, as supplied new, the bike was definitely BSO-ish - most of the pieces were individually OK, but the assembly was poor. So before turning a wheel, I took it apart and put it back together properly and with some grease in the bearings and headset this time. And bolted the rack on properly with stainless bolts so it doesn't rattle on the mudguards. And threw away the plastic bushed plastic pedals, replacing them with some alloy ones with bearings in them. And replaced the mudguard bolts with stainless ones so they don't rust. And replaced the plastic tyres with Vittoria Randonneurs. And replaced the rubbish cup and cone BB with a Shimano UN-54. And changed the plastic brake blocks for some that worked. Well done Viking - spoiling the ship for a hap'orth of grease and threadlock.

So now, it's a nice to ride simple city bike that doesn't rattle and fall apart when you use it. Condition is as you'd expect for a 300 mile old, gently used bike.

Here's what the bike looks like (the rack is a different type on mine though).

Collection from Exeter would be preferred. I could box it up and send it at your expense but it may take me a couple of days to get hold of a bike box.
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