Viking V Trek


Apologies if this is in the wrong thread but I have a "which bike" question

I have been riding a Trek 1.1 for 2 years & my commute is 14 miles each way.
I have done many long rides on it , coast to coast & exceeding 100 miles regularly so it's taken a bit of a battering.
I have been given a viking Torino XXR by a friend who had no use for it since his upgrade to a Planet X.
It's not seen as many miles as my trek but the reviews are not as good as Trek.
I can't decide if I should commute on my trek & save my viking for the long rides.
Next one being loch ness in April.
I just wonder if it's up to the challenge & am I likely to e counter problems racing on a viking. Both bikes are in good condition, the Trek is being treated to a new back wheel today.
I'm also curious to know if training on one bike & racing on a other is bad news ?
I'm doing my best to keep my position the same on both.

(By racing I don't mean anything serious just friendly contention with my mates that also ride the same events)



Tights of Cydonia
South Glos
A generous friend !

I would personally use the Viking for a commuter and keep the Trek for best/upgrade the wheels etc
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