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This was in the Guardian yesterday - illustrating the UK's tolerance for all sorts of things.
Is it important that such displays take place in London, where people will be inconvenienced during part of a commute etc, or should they be focussed on rural, farming, military towns - depending of course on the protest - in order to experience a 'practical' opposition rather than 'political' one?
I remember Greenham Common and the Women's had a sort of 'romance' (possibly due to more 'traditional' news reportage? + it's an age thing...)

Would you like your town centre to be occupied by well-intentioned cause?


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No fear. I would campaign against protestors in my street.
What puzzles me is, why has a rectangle apparently been blanked out in the photo (just above the '9')? What ultra-sensitive top-security information has thereby been censored and concealed from us? I feel we have a right to know!:smile:
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