Vinalopo from Parma, Italy

Good afternoon to everybody, I am new to this forum so time to introduce myself
urban cyclist since I was about 4, have used bicycle since to commute and still is my main daily means of transportation.

Have lived between Italy and Spain, where I am currently based, I also do cycle touring, road cycling and want to start also randonneur audax so if anybody is from Parma or about and he/she is a randonneur / cycle tourist let me know.

I also attend critical mass in Madrid as often as I can and participate in international critical masses in Madrid, Rome and Paris, for sure next week please don't miss out Madrid's one.

What else? yes sure, I have given as volunteer monthly bicycle repair classes at a Madrid park to push urban commuting adoption and try to help people make small repairs.

I am glad to join, have a nice afternoon and weekend to everybody


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Hi Vinalopo,

Good to have you here.:biggrin: :ohmy:
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