Vintage Reynolds 531 Hand Made Racing Frame 23" - Unused


I am selling an unused vintage hand made Reynolds 531 Competition racing frame, size 23"
This was made for the Raleigh TI team but was not used, it has been stored in a garage since the 1980's.
The weight of the frame is 1.8 Kg, the weight of the fork is 0.7 Kg.
The distance from the centre of bottom bracket to centre of top tube is 23 inches (58.5 cm).
The distance from the centre of bottom bracket to rear chainstay dropout is 40.5 cm, the distance between the rear dropouts is 12.4 cm.
The top tube has a paint loss scuff (see photo).
I can send the frame properly packed or the buyer can collect, I live near St.Austell, Cornwall.


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How much?

I might be interested



Yes ex Raleigh TI stock, unused. If you live in Cornwall you're welcome to inspect the frame.
I don't think anyone really wants to, the price seems very high IMO.

No-one is denying it's a lovely frame, and I'd be very tempted myself if it was, a) 2' bigger, and b) about £200 cheaper.

You're going to need a serious Raleigh collector to get anywhere near that money IMO.

I genuinely wish you every success, but to most people it remains a nice original 30 year old frameset, new or not.


That's what worries me. That could just be any old steel racing frame sprayed yellow. If it was never used and had been "stored in a garage since the 1980's" then why is it repainted? And why the cheap sticker on the top tube? And the Reynolds sticker always goes right at the top of the seat tube, not the down tube.

I'm sure you'll sell it though.


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Yes ex Raleigh TI stock, unused. If you live in Cornwall you're welcome to inspect the frame.
Does it have a serial number ? If there is one, the Raleigh experts out there would be able to provide more information.

Given that it is a 23" frame, 1.8Kg is very light - even for 531C. I have an SBDU 22" frame in 753 tubing and that comes in at 1750g.

Although you are not selling it as such, it doesn't look to me like an SBDU frame - I've never seen one fitted with the rear stays which are on this frame. Also, the cables guides are nearly always underneath the toptubes on the SBDU frames, whereas on this frame, they are on top. I could be wrong though, 'cos there are anomalies within the SBDU made frames.

Even if this were an SBDU frame, the price is possibly a little on the high side; most purchasers of such frames, like them in original team colours and if the cost of a re-finish is factored in, this would become a very expensive frame.

Why not build it up and keep it ? 531C frames usually ride very nicely indeed.


Team frames were built at SBDU Ilkeston and the frame number SB.... under the bottom bracket, its got a nice fork crown but the seat stays just look wrong for any Raleigh.....and I have an 80s SBDU Team frame, Gran Sport and Record Ace here to compare with!

Who did you get the frame from?
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