Vintage tandem frame with track rear dropouts.

Discussion in 'Classic and Vintage Classifieds' started by PHL67, 18 Jan 2019.

  1. PHL67

    PHL67 Über Member

    Frinton on Sea
    EE3AA241-6081-4A51-B603-605CC9F5C2DB.jpeg 16FDBFEB-F46D-4A25-B774-DA57D7B7C05D.jpeg 5B95C48E-98AC-433D-AC59-DD677B647FAB.jpeg 4D04B955-B01E-4786-B5B0-36E2BC3CF21E.jpeg 01ED6866-6BBF-49B7-80AC-47DBC50F67DF.jpeg 84D759BF-2CAB-474D-AE75-864E0C00EA65.jpeg 88F48831-FB06-4A53-AB74-CC956B0590E8.jpeg 84308707-86DA-4649-81A5-D0470C8C36DD.jpeg F436CAD2-EE3F-42BD-A1AD-1891FD908BB5.jpeg Vintage tandem frame ideal for a project build. SOLD
    No forks.
    Will look nice when done.
    Unsure of model.
    AT is frame number
    BB number is shell number.
    £30.00 ono
    PM me if interested.
    Many thanks.
    Last edited: 17 May 2019
  2. albin

    albin New Member

    Have you still got that frame ?? thanks
  3. OP

    PHL67 Über Member

    Frinton on Sea
    Apologies. Now sold.
    Thought I had captured all the posts.
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