Vintage wheels. 700c Mavic module E2 front on Campy hub + 27 x 1 1/4 Rigida


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I got these wheels with a second hand bike and was told by my LBS they are worth selling, particularly the Mavic front wheel.

The 700c Mavic has an original Campagnolo hub and quick release. The rim is just over 19mm wide and the axle is 100mm long. Runs very true even though is has a few bent spokes, 1 noticeably so.

The 27 x 1 1/4 Rigida has the following stamped on the hub - SR Japan E82. This is out of true by 1mm, but the spokes all look pretty straight. It has a screw on hub with a 5 speed freewheel stamped - VIA Shumano 600 HK. Tooth count is 14,16,20,24,30.

My LBS was very vague about price, but said he would swap for a used 700c wheelset, which I need, but he didn't have anything in stock. With this in mind, I'll take a stab at £50 for the pair collected from Windsor or I would happily exchange for a set of 700c wheels with a Shimano/SRAM freehub.

I can also post at cost. Please feel free to correct me on valuation either up or down!

Mavic 1.jpg Mavic 2.jpg Mavic 3.jpg Mavic 4.jpg Mavic 5.jpg Rigida 1.jpg Rigida 2.jpg Rigida 3.jpg Rigida 5.jpg Rigida 7.jpg


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I have the matching rear wheel. It was installed on a 1977 Raleigh Super Course that fell into my lap, but it is not the original rear wheel for that bike. Mavic Module E2 Argent 700c rim laced to a Campy freewheel hub. I intend to sell mine as well, along with the Campy Grand Prix pedals.
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