Vittoria Rubino - Michelin Orium


Guest - I had this tyre on the bike since I got the bike (they came with it). they ride well, fast I;ve even used them on chainy's/training/rides in general etc..BUT, I've punctured quite alot (never known a time to buy tubes patches soo much) especially recently, so am think of trying... :biggrin:

Or -

Anyone care to comment on the above tyres...


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i've never used the orium - but I have the rubino - It's pretty much all I buy now - mainly because I think they are an ideal blend of puncture resistance and price. That is a good price actually. I think wiggle sell them for £8 each and I usually buy the 2tyres & 2tubes for £16 deal that they do.

I have used the rubino slick too which isn't much more - it only comes in black and anthracite colourwise - but seems to be a bit comfier. It is also 23mm, but seems to be a bit 'deeper' and I think this might help on the comfort front. the slick really does have no grip in the wet at all though...


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have the oriums on my bike. Done around 1500 miles with one puncture.No significant signs of wear yet.They are not the fastest tyre,but for the price they are fine, seem ok in wet as well.


The Oriums pull my interest mainly cause they're similiar to the Dynamics yet two-tone (for variabilty:?:biggrin:...

Couple of years back a friend of mine rode these but was in 2 minds about 'em...

Thanks for the comments !!! ~ though if anyone else wants to add owt then please do ! :biggrin:
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