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Just bought a voodoo bizango today. Not had a chance to give a proper ride yet. But from reviews its a good bike. Anybody shed any light on to it and what I should expect from it?
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Why not just go in blind and let it surprise you? It is a bit objective, I know, but give it a try.


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Voodo was a respected frame manufacturer and made some great hard tails. The mark has been bought by Halfords, and in true Halfords style they have made some great value bikes to add to their already competent range. Good value, a bit of nice styling with the graphics and nice satin finish to most of the paint jobs. They haven't gone overboard on the components, but neither have they made a dogs breakfast by adding proper shite. Good, competent, well reviewed bikes.

Go ride it. If it comes up short anywhere it'll be on weight, but hey, you'd pay double to shave much off.


Was in Halford today. Certainly a nice looking bike. The Voodoo bikes in general are quite nice, as someone else said the paint finishes look pretty high quality too.

They have a bad rep, but the higher end Halford owned bike brands make decent stuff.
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