Interesting! :evil:

Green Party: 47%
Liberal Democrats: 34%
Conservative Party: 34%


God Almighty
my results were terrible! huge match with UKIP and BNP - who I do not support at all! I am putting this down to the fact that I didnt see the "open minded" button

edit: cleared my results and re did it but applying the open minded button......I also noticed that before I had said deport all those who commit crimes who are not born in the UK...accident! Explains the bnp bit though!

After redoing it....UKIP, BNP(yuck!), and Cons and almost liberals all hovered around 60% with labour in the slums


Bionic Subsonic
Me too.

Unfortunately in my constiuency I have to decide whether to support them or vote for the second best who has a much better chance of getting in. Says something about our system really

Mad Doug Biker

Bikeoholics Anonymous
Craggy Island
Interesting! mine tallied up with my political beleif:

The extra box that should be at the bottom of the Ballot paper that says

'None of the above'.

No to be fair:

The Scottish Green Party, Lib Dem and then SNP.
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