Wake up!!


I just feel lately, my life as a cyclist is becoming so dangerous.
I'm lit up like a Christmas tree, but people choose not to see me!
Cars, lorries and people just not seeing me! In fact, people stepping out in front of me is getting beyond a joke now!
Maybe it's just that time of year.
I have to be alert, why can't others!!!!
I know......You've heard it all before! I just need a rant!


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Obviously by being lit up you are removing responsibility from others. Go ninja, force them to concentrate :thumbsup:

TIme of year I reckon. Stick to it, lighter days are coming :cheers:


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My view on this is that if you're lit up like a Las Vegas casino, you're giving the clear indication of being a cyclist. The trouble is that for most non-cyclist people, cyclist = slow and/or cyclist = who gives a fcuk?.

I've cut my light use down to a steady front and rear of good quality (B&M lights, dynamo driven) with excellent backup rears to use in flash mode if the weather is really bad and/or visibility is very poor. My clothing is black with reflective panels. By the time I get close enough for a side-road emerging motorist to realise I'm a cyclist, it's too late for him to try anything stupid like a SMIDGAF. Since making these changes I have had far fewer problems. YMMV.



I think some days it just appears that way. Yesterday whils't cycling in damp conditions I could feel movement on the back wheels on a number of occasions....not helped going over a "cow grate" on the cycle path. Also I was just a mile from home and could see a car approachng the main road from a side street...I'm lit up like a christmas tree he sees me and proceeds to come out...I give him the finger...he ignores me. I think what I have learn't in my last 10 years commuting you cannot be too careful, never trust a driver/pedestrian...ride defensively always expect the unexpected because at some time it will surely happen...


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never trust a driver/pedestrian...ride defensively always expect the unexpected because at some time it will surely happen...
Or indeed another cyclist as I found out last week when I had to jam on the anchors on a roundabout as a Sky Kit clad guy whizzed across my bows. I'd love to say that I chased him down and humiliated him on the next hill. But I didn't.

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I was scarily close to being wiped out by a nobber deciding a u-turn would be the best option just this morning. Trouble is that when commuting we ride at the busiest times of the day and the most nobbish driving takes place then also. Just continue to be as aware as you can.


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Take a break from it if you can. People step out on you, cars cut you up. Sometimes a short break can put you in a better mood.


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I've just started biking again after 25 odd years. In that time I rode motorbikes where defensive riding is a must and a good transferable skill.


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Just stopped commuting to work, its too risky cycling through Leeds, 3 months ago I smashed my shoulder which needed a plate, my 4th commute back on the bike on Monday and a Ped walked out on me and knocked me off and no I am struggling with my elbow and knee. For me its not worth the risk, rather be on the open roads in the country than having a stressful time through the city.


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Don't stress but please try not to ride past walkers at much speed (they can make sharp turns and move sideways and might be walking a dog that you can't see because it's directly in front of them) and ring your bell like a nutter if you're likely to pass within a couple of metres (how far they're likely to fall if they trip) and you're not sure they noticed you!

I feel the time a ped really knocks a rider off is when the bike is stationary and they walk into you (not "out on") - and sadly that does happen in cities sometimes. I know someone in Cambridge who was verbally abused by the offending walker after one collision! :rolleyes:
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