WANTED: Brake reach shorteners for Shimano Sora


It's a bit more complicated than that...
The little wedgy things that come with (some) Shimano STI levers and which you stick in the top to shorten the reach to make it easier to brake from the hoods. They're for @rvw, who has very dainty hands and who mainly uses the cross-levers on the tops.

If it makes a difference, the levers are Shimano Sora from a few years ago - the kind with a push-down switch to release tension in the cable rather than a second lever, and with an indicator on top of the levers.


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Shims are the technical name (I think)


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some of the early switch-ey sora levers had a reach adjuster screw, later ones whilst still switch-ey, use the wedges. I think the change happened in ??'09?? or ??'10??

the wedges were in two versions for four and eight degrees iirc. and again iirc the sora ones didn't match any other shimano lever wedges.
part nos for ST 3400 here

I will have a root around in the shed, I recall getting some with my old sora equipped tourer but may have passed the shims on when I sold the bike.


It's a bit more complicated than that...
I believe that the bike came with the wedgy things - which implies that there aren't screwy things. I forget when it was bought, but I suspect it was 2010 or 2011 or so. Does someone have a link to a set of instructions for finding any screwy thing that might be there?

@G3CWI - thanks for the offer, but I suspect a recycled mediaeval torture device might not go down very well.
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