Wanted - cyclocross (Tricross or similar)


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I'm 5 foot 10 so will need a size around 54 inches. I've sat on a small Tricross and it was a little small (funnily enough).

I've got a max budget of £400 but would rather spend less. I've been looking mainly at Specialized Tricross but am open to things like Kona Jake's etc. While there are a few on gumtree, ebay etc. i'm looking to see if anyone has or knows or any more available. I've seen new ones are going for about £600 so £400 seems like a healthy budget 2nd hand.

I want something in good condition with rack attachments (preferably front and back but front not essential) so I can use it for light touring. I'd also prefer original documents / receipt.




Whereabouts are you based? My Tricross (which isn't for sale, I should say!) is a large and I'm only about an inch taller than you. You more than welcome if you want to come and have a test ride to try it for size.
I'm 5' 11" with a 33" inside seam and ride a large (56cm) Tricross as a communter and I find it a shade on the small side. I've ridden an XL and found it to a be a far more comfortable.


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Hi - I was the one who bought Paul's bike. Unfortunately despite it being a fantastic bike I'm thinking of maybe selling due to it being a little on the small side. I'm 6'3" so have really been pushing the frame to the maximum. I'm going to persevere for a few more weeks but not sure what to do?
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