Wanted: Fuji Tack Bike - frame or complete

http://www.holcroscycles.com/productdetail/23/1146/Fuji-Track.html claim to have them, whether they do or not is another matter.
i wanted one but no one had my size. i gave up and got a pompino as it's only for road use.


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Cheers guys, both those links were useful.

I know there's plenty of reviews of the pompino out there, but just to clarify, do they work well as a road bike or are they more of a crosser?


pompino is excellent on the road. granted i've only done 40 odd miles on it so far but it's solid as a rock (no flexing like my last fixed) and gives a very smooth ride, handling is great and there is no toe overlap when turning,well not for me anyhow.
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