Wanted: Hybrid bike 54/56cm


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I am looking for a hybrid bike and thought I would see if anyone had one suitably available on here.

My road bike is a 54cm so I am looking for something around that size (no smaller). I used to have very individual selections of what I wanted but I have now changed to something more general.

Spec: Must be in working condition and gears smooth changing. I am not bothered about it being FS or having drop bars (would prefer drops).
If it came with a rear pannier rack it would help but not essential.

Price: I am looking for anything around the £200/£300 mark but obviously as cheap as possible.

I can collect from North Wales area or even as far as Manchester (Stretford/Sale side).


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Road bike sizes and hybrid sizes are completely different - I think that if you ride a 54cm road bike, a 54cm hybrid would be too big for you. Also, drop bars on a hybrid... wouldn't that be a road bike then?

Gary E

As has been said above - No two manufacturers seem to be using the same method to measure bikes. Even different styles of bike from the same manufacturer can be confusing.
None of this is really a problem though as long as you can try before you buy. As a starting point I know I'm roughly somewhere between a medium and a large so I start there and go up (or down) until I find one that suits.
A lot of people fall foul of this problem when they buy online then get a bike that doesn't suit.
I really can't stress enough - if at all possible - try it on for size!
I have on occasion tried a bike in a shop to get the sizing right and then bought it cheaper online :blush: although just to stop me feeling too guilty I always buy some tubes or something from the shop while I'm there :laugh:


"Young and Ex-whippet"
For that price, you could buy new in the sales useing discount codes.
That is the easier option but I was just seeing if there were any (possibly better value) used bikes available.

I am frequently viewing Ebay though.
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