wanted SW hubs or parts thereof.


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having found one in a scrap-pile bike, i dismantled it and rebuilt it.
it's design intrigued me, so i did some reading on it.
having read http://sheldonbrown.com/sw.html
it seems that they can be re-built to run better, but some parts are too worn.

in addition, some-one's Pmed me to say don't ride it, it'll break.
so that's like a red rag to a bull, so thanks, you know who you are :tongue: grahamnr17 :smile:
at about the same time, i find that spa do 40 hole rims, and that a 32/40 set up may make some unusual looking wheels.
see other designs on this page http://www.terminalvelocity.demon.co.uk/WheelBuild/
so apart from a few tiny bits, i'm sorted.
if anybody's got some parts they don't recognise, some they know to be SW, or even an unloved complete hub, i'd be really grateful to hear from you :laugh:
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