Wanted - Turbo Trainer

Hey. My new job is taking a toll on my riding time so I am looking for a Turbo. Currently looking on Fleabay but was wondering if anyone had a good quality turbo trainer for sale or to give away:biggrin:

I can travel to pick up. Please let me know




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benborp has a trainer which he's not using at the moment. I know he's not using it as it's currently sat in my loft. :biggrin:
He leant it to me when I broke my arm at the end of last year, and it's been here ever since.
I'm sure he won't mind if you wanted to borrow it for a bit or even buy it.

It's currently in SW London near Hounslow but I don't have a car to transport it I'm afraid.

Drop him a PM if your interested.
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