Why not rebuild the old one with a new rim ?

Much easier and cheaper than a replacement wheel

regards Emma

Bad Machine

In the garage .....
East Anglia
Looking for a 20 inch rear wheel for a Hase trike. Must be true.

Hase wheels may be pretty scarce, possibly only available through the dealers ? Is the wheel needed to replace one that has been damaged ?
But if its hub is still serviceable, then making up a new wheel using it could be quicker and a lot cheaper......

Happy to assist as you're local.
Try contacting Kevin at Dtek.
He's my first stop for all secondhand recumbent parts.
If I've got your postcode right, he's just around the corner in Little Thetford.

Luck ........ ^_^
One of the rear hubs on my Kett split at the the flange. London Recumbents were helpful in being able to supply a replacement (but note that the hub has changed from the Allen bolt version to a QR version s anumber of years ago). It was easy to rebuild the wheel... but I have built a few wheels in my time!
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