Water inside new Mavic Cosmic carbon UST wheels


I got a new bike recent and running Mavic Cosmic carbon pro UST wheels in tubeless. After a wet ride I seem to have water in the rim. It's not in the tyre as I've emptied out the sealant and you can hear it sloshing around, so it's between the rim and the tyre rim area (where they have the spokes connected which I believe is separated from the tyre area).
There is no drain hole on the wheel so I assume water got in via spoke holes. How do I get it out? Remove valve and try drain it?
I would be tempted to leave the wheels in a warm room to try and evaporate the water out of the rim, surely the water would of entered through the valve hole.
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Loch side.
Those wheels really need a drain hole. However, I'm sure you don't feel like carefully calculating just the right spot below the spoke bed. Therefore, get used to it or remove tyre and drain. Draining won't be straightforward, since convenient holes such as valve holes are always just above the lowest spot.
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