Waterproof overtrousers designed for cycling


Does anybody make a pair of waterproof breathable overtrousers designed for cycling, i.e. with legs which are reasonably snug in the calf/ankle area so they don't:

a) require trouser clips or bands
:biggrin: flap about
c) contact the chain?

I would be wearing Tracksters under them in cold weather, Polaris touring shorts in warm. My commute is ~9 miles each way.


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Have you looked at those rain legs things?*

*Haven't got them myself.


I'm not a fan of overtrousers although I did once own a pair made by Altura (altura CityRide/CityShield or something like that? pricey at around £70)

They fit your first 2 criteria, but nothing can meet c) 100% unless you put a chainguard on.


I have a pair of altura trousers that do everything you say. However, they're not that breatheable, and didn't take kindly to a snowy trek in the Himalaya a couple of years back - the lining broke up inside and now they leak. I really must buy a new pair!


domtyler said:
Have you looked at those rain legs things?
They're not really what I'm after - I want all-over dry, clean legs (and socks, if at all possible) on arrival.

Maz, I'm not terribly keen on overtrousers either (hence my ignorance of them), but if having them means I never feel the need of London's apology for a public transport "system" again, so be it...

If the material contacts the chain, it obviously results in dirty overtrousers - but does that make them work less well? I'll live with the dirt if I have to.

Does anybody make a neat, light, non-rattly chainguard, fittable to a standard road bike without bodging? A single chainring is acceptable if necessary - but the chainguard has to accomodate a rear derailleur, and I have to be able to get the rear wheel out easily in case of a p*nct*r*.


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I have a pair of DHB overtrousers which I got from Wiggle....

http://www.wiggle.co.uk/ProductDeta...D=5360028253&N=dhb Harting Waterproof Trouser

I bought those because they were the only ones I could find in a size to fit me.

They work well enough. I wear them over my gore wind beater bib longs on wet/cold rides. They are not 100% breathable (I dont know which brand would be either) but my legs are dry and warm during the ride. They have 'tabs' at the feet which can be tucked into a pair of over shoes/road shoes...but I prefer the have them outside so the rain doesnt drip into my feet. They have long side zips on each leg (full calf length) but the zips have a tendancy to unzip at the ankles as they dont have a velcro ankle strap/fixer. I get around this easily with a set of hi vis velcro ankle straps...which i would wear anyway in heavy rain/poor light. They have reflective strips/piping down the side and an elastic waistband. I am happy with them for what i paid. They also have a cycle cut at the knee so they dont ride up.


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I have some Polaris ones and they are great - they meet all your requirements and have never let in water yet.

The Altura ones look similar, but I have not actually tried them so can't comment.


Thanks, everybody; the Polaris Satelite (sic), at £45, look as though they may well do the job :biggrin:

But I shall also be installing a chainring guard, and using dry lube, in an attempt to avoid begriming them any more than can be helped!


I bought a pair of Altura Dryline trousers last year. They keep the legs dry, but make an annoying swishing sound due to the fabric.
Tried them on again last week and either they've shrunk or all those mince pies I ate have stuck around my thighs:blush:
So I got a pair of DHB overtrousers which work just as well, are more comfortable, and cheaper.


I'm currently wearing mine. Put them on to walk the dog and they're bright purple with tight zip up ankles. I looked a right berk, but I was dry walking round in the snow we've got 'ere.

They are excellent but not made anymore, I expect, as I bought them about 15 years ago!! :eek:


ColinJ said:
The inventor of them got laughed off Dragon's Den when she tried to raise money for her business but I actually thought that they were quite a clever idea.
Really? I'd got the impression they were a Dutch import. If so, it just goes to show how little Mr Sugar knows about cycling.

I think they are good. You need proper full length mudguards with them, and if it's raining properly you get damp from the knees down. You dry off quick enough in the office though, and it's less uncomfortable than residual sweatiness from overtrousers.


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Co Down, Ireland
andrew_s said:
Really? If so, it just goes to show how little Mr Sugar knows about cycling.

Wrong show mate. Mr Sugar is on the Apprentice. There are of 5 of them on the Dragon's Den including Duncan Ballantyne who owns a chain of health & fitness clubs - guess he missed the scoop on that one (get it - he started his career selling ice cream from a van - terrible when you just know you are going to have to explain the punchline) :biggrin:
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