Waterproof 'shorts'

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Does anyone know of the existence/whereabouts of something equivalent to a cowboy's 'chaps' over-trousers, but in reverse, for cyclists without a rear mudguard, who want to protect their bum/lower back from water being thrown up from the road?
It seems obvious that they should be on the market, but I've never seen or heard of any!

Smokin Joe

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Incontinance pants over your shorts?

Monty Dog

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Gore do make a pair of Gore-Tex shorts for cycling - effectively cut-down longs - pricey at £90 tho. There are many cycling jackets with a long enough tail that drops down and you can sit on to keep your bum dry - again Gore make them amongst others.


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Birmingham, UK
Well these 'Rainlegs' protect your thighs ( click ) but that's not quite what you are after is it? I think Monty Dog is right about many jackets having a tail to cover your bottom with.
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