Waterproofing seams

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We've bought an Edinburgh Bike Co-op copy of a Yak Bob trailer.
It's about half the price of a real one, and we had a 20% off voucher so even better.

It comes with a waterproof bag - or at any rate it's made out of waterproof-looking fabric but isn't seam-sealed.

With the Summer weather we've been having, I'm thinking I'd like to do this, rather than arrive at the campsite and change out of my wet cycling kit into my...other wet clothes.

What does anyone recommend ?
Someone's suggested I get a tube of silicone bathroom sealant.


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You can get tent seam sealant for £3 or £4 - try Blacks or similar or online here
I had problems with an old tent (not canvas - some sort of nylon type stuff), got some stuff from the local outdoors/camping shop specifically for re-proofing seams - worked a treat (don't know what it's called, the label came of ages ago). I also got some stick-on seam tape at the same time - never had to use it, in fact I don't know where it is now.
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