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After yesterday's ride when I got caught out in the wet I found my light weight "waterproof" jacket to be fairly porous, especially on the arms.

So would your "normal" waterproof can of stuff be useful in sorting this? It's a Montane jacket and the label says "100% nylon, polyurethane coated". Over to you expert lot ^_^. TIA :thumbsup:
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Turn the jacket inside out and have a look at the inside of the jacket. Is the polyurethane peeling? You'll recognise it by the blotchy, white "bloom" of the waterproof layer separating from the nylon. Montane stuff loves doing that.


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I have used Rainex(?) on motorcycle clothing which seemed to improve things. Let us know how it goes, as I have a pair of cag-in-a-bag style trousers that may benefit from it.

IME though when cycling, it's extremely hard to keep dry so I didn't used to bother (as long as there was a shower at the end of my commute). I think the action and movement of cycling seems to drive the water in whatever you wear.
Nikwax is good for a few weeks but then wears off.
In winter my Paramo has sufficient waterproofing to be totally effective and breathable but I can only use it below mid teens C. Other people have lower cutoff points for thus warm jacket.

I am constantly looking for a tough, durable shower resistant windproof with 360° reflective stuff and a bright colour that is not lime green. Most windproofs are to lightweight for everyday wear
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